1 Love armband not welcome in Qatar, but Jew-hatred is

Well, the Western world is not welcome in Qatar with the 1 Love armband, but open hatred of Jews is welcome, somehow not surprising in a Muslim country, even if thousands of kilometers away from Israel. Here, too, we see that sport is mutating into a monster, a mixture of money, power, politics and ideology.

Sorry, but there are simply 2 values societies, which are not compatible.

We as the western world cannot impose our values on other societies, instead we should mark our borders, and take in the people who do not want to live in these societies.

"Free Palestine", can be had as an opinion, but if you don't even accept the UN Charter and reject Israel as an existing country, then that is a problem that cannot be integrated and should not be supported.

We are all people of this world, sports, soccer, these should be events that bring us people together and we should celebrate the game together. Even if I myself do not like soccer.

But one can clearly see here how one positions oneself socially and value-based, namely against the Western world and against the Jews of Israel. Whoever as a human being denies the existence of a country, where Israel recognized as a sovereign state by the UN Charter was, with this person you can not have a discussion, too deep sits here the hatred against the people.

I don't want to start a discussion about Israel's politics here, and we outsiders shouldn't have a say in that either, since it's Israel's business. But when people who were not even there, who only hold up a flag, but do not provide any arguments, then a discussion no longer makes sense, because these do not want a solution, but demand ownership.

Sad that the 2022 World Cup will be accompanied by Jew hatred and rejection of Western values.
Maybe it would be better that the Western culture looks where we stay and should not impose on anyone what you do not want to hear and know about.


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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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