Robotics, the future and exrobots

These 2 robotics companies are the future

As a technology enthusiastic developer, I also follow the world of robotics or technological cybernetics a la android development as we know it medially today.

In this post, I name the companies in which I see great potential and in which I would personally invest as soon as an option to do so presents itself.

Note: This is not investment advice, investments involve risk at all times. The capital market cannot be guaranteed. When investing, consult a financial professional.


Hanson Robotics

Hanson Robotics is the company that many know, but have probably rarely heard the name, Hanson Robotics is behind the robot Sophia, which many have certainly seen somewhere on Youtube.

Hanson Robotics

As far as I know, Sophia was the only and probably the first robot that gave a speech to the UN on its own. How far Sophia's AI really is, is debatable, but at least she can make jokes in conversations, well, a robot which makes jokes like this one. wipe out humanity is already somewhat difficult to digest 😅.

Sophia herself I would call a robot, but not an android, because she is not able to move independently, but her AI is designed to learn new things independently and to have more experiences.


ExRobots is the company behind what I think are the most realistic androids, the problem with ExRobots, they are based in China, the website has horrible SEO performance and since the website is only localized in Chinese, they are not easy to find. But that's not a big deal, because this company has the most impressive videos of androids, which doesn't need to hide behind companies like Boston Dynamics.


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You can see, these videos, often seen on Youtube and Tiktok also as shorts, are not just some fakes or people in costume, no, you can see in the video of the Youtube channel ProRobotsThe artificial skin, which only differs from a human skin in terms of temperature, and the faces, which are modeled on real people or scanned using 3D scans, are all produced by EXRobots.

Impressive what is already possible today. And at the same time, it should be scary to know what you are being shown and what you are not being shown.

Would I invest my money there? YES, definitely, and if I were to burn the money on it, if contrary to expectations it was all a hoax, you can't expect more scifi than that in reality. Robotics technology is evolving.

For me, this company shows itself to be forward-looking in my opinion. Other companies can only dream of this. And who knows what other companies there are in the Asian region that we don't know about or can easily find because they are not localized internationally and end up further down on Google.


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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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