Coal is imported from Colombia - Germany's new energy

Okay, so just to clarify, Germany wants out of coal and has reduced coal mines in Germany, until before Russia's war, Germany imported 50% of coal from Russia. And now that we lack these imports due to the sanctions against Russia, and we are winding down nuclear power plants, we need other sources of coal. While Poland itself needs the coal as an energy source, Germany has to look elsewhere. Now the coal is being imported from Colombia!!!!!!!

Yes hacks it probably??? We transport cargo ships powered by heavy oil to burn dirty coal at our place so that we produce even more CO2.

Unconventional solution: force Russia to make peace.

Because on the current path, climate change is only accelerated and there is no development that points in a sustainable direction on a large scale.

The same can be seen when importing LNG gas from Qatar and the USA, gas is liquefied using a great deal of energy and then transported halfway around the world in heavy oil tankers so that we can have electricity.


Demand on the rise: Colombia becomes Germany's most important coal supplier

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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