Islamist and ex-Al-Qida fighter leads cultural festival in Berlin - Why?

Things that can only exist in Germany, an Islamist and ex-al-Qaeda, also ex-al-Qaeda fighter runs a cultural festival as a curator in Berlin.

That the outrage is great and this decision is strongly criticized should not really come as a surprise. So he may have known the bombers of September 11. The organizers describe him as a writer and human rights activist.

The problem is, he considers himself a victim, but what about the people who died because of him? Are they not his victims?
Sure, he served his sentence in captivity, but does that mean you give a stage to such a person and hand over such a position?

In general, one has to ask whether someone who has been active as a terrorist for years really seriously regrets his past and distances himself from his actions, or just tells what others want to hear so that one gets a chance.

I don't know, but that you come here equal with Islamophobia, I see as an expression of blindness to the danger and the stage you give to such people who participate in terrorism and killing innocent people....

Note: I myself have Muslim friends, so I cannot be accused of Islamophobia in this post. However, religion is not above the law and any ideology is dangerous.


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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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