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Paid Climate Activists - In recent days, articles have been popping up all over the media stating that climate activist are being paid financially for their work. Some articles only include references, but not the exact sources and links. I have therefore done the work to follow up on a source and find the origin.

It's a bit difficult to find a good entry point without losing sight of the big picture. That's why the article here can seem a bit bullet point-like in parts.

The most shared articles were about the 52-year-old chemist from Austria who demonstrateswho is cutting back her work and with the activist work has 1/3 less of her previous income with 20 working hours per week (activist hours probably fits better, real work looks different). Now, she did not give exact figures, but given her high age in this profession, I conclude that she already has several years of work experience. In Austria, the top income of chemists is at approx. 4000-4200€, some sources write from more.

For simplicity, let's assume 4000€. The chemist says that she has 1/3 less, with only 20 hours per week, so part-time!

So we divide 4000€ by 3 to get to 1/3 of the salary, and multiply that by 2 to get to the 2/3. And then we come to the Result of 2600€ per month in part time work at 20 hours per week.

Such a sum is virtually an invitation to give up any occupation and who would then not be able to occupy himself with it? Temporally, one is no longer bound to a job and can earn better money in this way without qualification or study than an employee or worker in part-time, partly also in full-time, would ever get.

Only there is this statement purely in text form and I could not find any video or proof of it.

But about Twitter I am due to a discussion on Facebook, then but on something that I had not expected so and then the proof is still delivered by the public media (Finally, my 18 € I have to pay every month to the GEZ).


More or less by chance, I came across a video on Twitter by searching Google, where no link to a source or similar was recognizable, only the video reference that it was a clip from the public television station RBB and the video was from the program "Wir müssen Reden! In the video itself the activist was called by name, to this there are also many search results and articles, one can take that thus quasi as proof that this person represents publicly also the last generation with and is not only active in the background. According to the "Last Generation" via Twitter, she was already taken into custody by the police in August.


Maja Winkelmann, the name of the activist who has publicly announced that she is being paid by the "Climate Emergency Fund", that alone would be a headline. Shouldn't RBB actually know your name then?

I have searched for the keywords "Climate Emergency Fund and Maja Winkelmann" on the website of the RBB, but I could not find it, strange, I then focused on the topic and then found a video, the contribution contained a list of people who would speak in the 90-minute program, Maja Winkelmann was not to be found however under it, in the video I could find it and the cutout then nevertheless, at least the first 15 minutes was shown it quasi as Hauptprotagonist in the transmission, also with name and that you exchanged your diagram study for a paid activist place.

And then it is not even mentioned? Not that it makes you wonder, but as a web developer I know a lot about SEO and a name that can't be found on the page with the video can neither be found via the search function of RBB, nor via Google. One could almost suspect here that one wanted to specifically hide information, and the person so not want to have on the website, otherwise you could quickly get people to watch the video.

Original link to the video (the first 15 minutes are the important part):

At Article at RBB it does not appear, nor is the subject of paid activist work mentioned, why? Isn't that an important point? Perhaps one should mention there also that the people find themselves after a long day probably rather less with the RBB in the evening and rather a Hollywood film or similar on TV, I have no TV myself, only with my family and as someone who always has a lot to do, Netflix is actually quite enough for me. So few will have seen the show and so it takes a few days until the whole thing so through the Internet throughsickert, if such a program only at 20:15 clock after the news runs and most turn off the public service after the news.

So is it perhaps even intended that this conversation is not found? As a public news service, you have done your job, you don't cut anything out and nothing is censored, but is it also obliged to name all persons or contents? Was the name therefore perhaps even left out on purpose? One can only speculate about this, but it is a point that should not fall under the table journalistically...


And where does the money actually come from? The "Climate Emergency Fund" sounds interesting, but it is funded by monitorswhat they are doing. The money supposedly comes from rich, who exactly, unknown, but there are also people who donate there themselves through their website and that is publicly visible in the footer of the home page.


The Climate Emergency Fund was founded in 2019 by investor Trevor Neilson and Rory Kennedy, a daughter of former U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY). It received a $500,000 seed grant from oil heiress Aileen Getty. (Source)

So one can use naturally also money, topic taxes and tax reduction tricks I do not want to touch now times as topic, the clever reader of my Blog will be able to make itself with it however its own thoughts to.

But while you're at it, if you want to shake people up, why finance activists? And it is difficult to see by whom they are financed? Why is the Climate Emergency Fund not active itself? Instead, one prefers to get people who demonstrate? Cheap or free labor to do the dirty work?

Trevor Neilson is an American businessman, investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is co-founder, chairman and CEO of WasteFuel, a company that produces renewable fuels using proven technologies to address the climate crisis and revolutionize mobility.

What does an investor gain if the government invests in electric cars, but he himself has a company for renewable fuels that converts organic waste and plastic into fuel? The policy wants electric cars and has already decided to ban the combustion engine in the next few years. Is he hoping for the group of people who will protest against it and then bring his miracle solution to the market?

Rory Kennedy doesn't have a particularly interesting resume, politically active, filmmaker and descent from the Kennedy's.

And last but not least Aileen Gettywhat does she get out of it? Does she want to wash away the sins of her family, who built up the Getty oil empire? She has enough money, I find it fascinating that she only has a German and French Wikipedia article, why not an English one? Her sister Ariadne Getty supports LGBTQ and climate change, her brother Mark Getty is the founder of Getty Images (at least now I know where the name comes from, well you never stop learning), both have a page on Wikipedia, only Aileen Getty does not. As well as Tara Gabriel Getty, whereby here the search results do not allow a clear assignment.


In 2019, the Climate Emergency Fund had total revenues of 2,383,778 $, total expenses of 840,423 $, and net assets of 1,543,355 $. In 2022, the Fund reported having disbursed $4 million, but its tax returns for 2020, 2021, and 2022 were not available until October 2022.

Well, I've gone on quite a bit here, but now let's get back to the topic of climate stickers/activists.

Some people online suspected that these activists were quasi-lobbyists, since they were paid, but I see it somewhat differently. Lobbyists are employees in a company and "should" be found in the lobby register. These activists have so far given the impression of acting for free, in their own interest for the climate. Now, however, the facts turn, if the activists are financed, this is, on the one hand, influencing democratic processes (Mr. Habeck has enough experience with this, after all, he has his Gas surcharge regulation written by the industry quasi ), as well as on the formation of social opinion (does not seem to work if 2/3 of the citizens reject the procedure).

Here is a video with the clip of Maja Winkelmann, where electric car driver does not get through and complains that this already drives green and an activist is almost run over, what Angesicht the charged Anger after the death of a woman becomes more and more understandable. The situations escalate, rage discharges. You can see the activists no reaction to the anger of the citizens, which clearly indicates a training, because any normal person would otherwise defend themselves. And no one should be surprised, the last generation itself openly admits thisthat the Climate Emergency Fund largely finances the "recruiting", training and further education. (however the "recruiting" should look like or what one should imagine by it).

Although you can also see in the video individuals who think it is good that demonstrations are taking place, but do not find this way good. Whether their opinion would change if these learn that the activists are paid


The entire broadcast from RBB can be viewed as a video file at Download MediathekView Web.

Addendum 09.12.2023

As the YouTube video was marked as private by RBB and is no longer accessible to the public, the entire report is no longer available to the public. The video is also no longer available in the media library. Due to the danger that historically relevant material could disappear here, I have downloaded the Twitter video and linked it on my blog here


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