Qatar: Germany's World Cup disgrace and climate hypocrisy in Egypt

Actually, I don't know what's worse, the more than Fly 400 private jets to Egypt and no one reports big about this hypocritical behavior or that the German soccer team is so corrupt and prefers to abandon the values of the sport in order not to afford a lock in the soccer world.

From November 6 to November 18, 2022 took place the Climate Conference COP27 in Egypt Perhaps it is because I pay less attention to the news, or perhaps it is because of the other problems that currently afflict Germany and Europe (war, energy crisis, inflation, poverty, unemployment, housing shortage, labor shortage, the daily madness in Germany halt), and therefore have not noticed anything of the conference. Nevertheless, articles about it can be found, and no less critical I find, are the more than 400 private jets that flew to meet there.

I understand the sense behind such conferences and it is important to talk about it. But does it have to be? Wouldn't it be more practical to do it purely digitally (not that it doesn't leave a CO2 footprint, just that it's less problematic) or why not do continental conferences?

One conference only for Europe, one only for Africa, one only for Asia, etc..., so that people can travel by train and do not have to rely on airplanes. Or if, then that elected delegates of the conferences make themselves in each case with a scheduled flight on the way to an international conference, where anyway an airplane would fly there. The location would then not really matter.

That would be better and more meaningful, I mean, what has come out of COP27 now?

  1. We have not achieved the goals
  2. We need to fly less by plane (delightful this irony)
  3. Ride more to work by bike and public transport

And? there are some goals that are to be achieved and financial support for weak countries, whether they then also use the money for climate protection, one will then hopefully also take good care of it.

Here the Goals and resolutions of COP27 (To determine future changes/deviations, here the archive link As of November 24, 2022)

Corruption, politics, soccer, human rights - Qatar

I couldn't think of a better title, since the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will bring up a lot of problems and issues that are difficult to put into a title.

For myself, I have to say that I am not a soccer fan, I have a conceptual problem understanding why I should shell out money (sometimes a lot of money) for something to watch a player kick a ball. I probably would have fallen asleep playing billiards. Field hockey is more challenging and difficult. And spending time in front of the TV to watch that? My time is too valuable for that.

Already a few years ago, when UEFA or FIFA? I have there not so the overview as who where how much money transfers, was decided that Qatar would be the venue, I have already found the whole ridiculous, in the desert where sand is, one should play soccer? One does not go fishing in the forest where there is no water...

After that, it had become quite quiet, initially only criticized because of the issue of women and human rights.

Now the World Cup started and the entire state apparatus for media was thrown into gear. Never before had soccer been so politicized, never before had there been more politics about soccer on television than about other topics.

And then I ask myself, why? The reasons are obvious, women's rights, human rights violations, corruption through illegal flows of funds, betrayal of European Western values, alcohol prohibition and homophobia.

With all these points, why wasn't there an outcry earlier? Why do you take a country into the association of soccer, which does not share the values, which you represent? There are enough points that speak against it and yet, deals were sealed, billions of dollars/euros changed sides.

Now you can only boycott the whole thing by not watching it, but Qatar got what they want and with one thing the western world has soiled itself: we are for sale.

One thing must be said here. In Qatar, the rights and culture are different. Homosexuality is forbidden, human rights are more so-so.

They say sport is supposed to unite cultures, but here the Western world encounters an ideology that we don't want in our world, so what do you do? Convince or do not go there. The attempt to convince, one has tried with the LGBTQ rainbow armband, this was rejected on the part of Qatar, because this clearly propagate homosexuality and that is forbidden there, okay, understandable, one could then but wear an armband to show the "1 Love armband", a unit, together, people of different nations and cultures, would fall under it, that one is together a unit. Well, even if I interpret that at least so and not extra search what you want to aim with it, this was also rejected.

And with this, FIFA and the German Football Association are facing a problem, because in Germany we have an open culture, here everyone is equal, regardless of their sexuality, you don't have to like this or find it good, but accept it and respect every person. Because this is the common denominator, we are human beings, the sexual preference something individual, which has no one in society to address.

But Qatar did not want to have the "1 Love Armband" either, that alone shows that you just do not want to be a unit, and do not show support like homosexuals, whether that is culturally based, because the Middle East is religiously influenced by Islam and this homosexuality as a HaramThe first is the "no", i.e. forbidden, or power-political, by the rulers there.

The religious reason is more logical, so alcohol was also banned, and although in Qatar they actually wanted to provide alcohol for ticketed guests, the alcohol was already there and the booths prepared, contracts signed, so they seem to prefer to pay the money as a penalty. This also shows how important the prohibition of alcohol is to them, and how strong religious influence prevails here.

Well, not everywhere, the common people who travel extra should not come into the genus, but the VIPs in the lounge, because they would continue to get alcohol one may, one needs for the lodge, depending upon source between 3,000 - 21,600€... seems to be probably nevertheless not so religiously, if money clearance gives times an eye to squeeze and who knows which is possible still in such a way with money then, which is forbidden to the common people religiously justified,...

I myself do not drink alcohol, but you can then somehow understand that if alcohol is prohibited in this country, that you have to abide by these rules. Okay, you can live with.

But the "1 Love Armbind" ? What exactly now the reason, I do not want to speculate and everyone will probably make his own thoughts here, but what the German national soccer team did is a disgrace, there are soccer players, which earn millions and bonuses up to 400.000€ per player when winning as world champion and what do they do? They play along with the corrupt game.

At there was a surveyAs of November 24, 2022, more than 590,000 people in Germany have voted, 47% say the team should pack their bags and leave Qatar with their heads held high. 36% say that the soccer players should collect the penalty, but at least show the attitude and your values. Only 17% would not have cared. A minority, which sees the values of the Western world here not of importance and would rather see only soccer as a sport.

Source screenshot, via

At the end of the day, the footballers of the national team have taken off the armband to play and that is the German soccer scandal. It's not about sport anymore, it's about money, with the salary of the footballers they could have made a good living or found another job even at the end of their career in soccer, instead they chose the money and abandoned the German values of freedom and scared away their own fans. REWE had then terminated the contract with immediate effect as sponsor of the DFB. The team is still in Qatar, but back in Germany, people will remember it and the image damage will remain.

I would have worn the armband and just stood on the square, in front of the whole world, defending with an upright head the ideals and values that you promote yourself, preferring to fly back home with an upright head than to have the money and enemies.

Qatar has several of them, it shows how venal the West is, that they are willing to sell even their own values, and the unity of Europe is just a masquerade behind which they hide. And it only takes a soccer to destroy it.

For me, it's Germany's soccer disgrace from which we probably won't recover....

And as for Qatar, the hundreds or even thousands of deaths of workers at the stadiums are not clarified, it is also not questioned what the life of a simple worker is worth who must work for a pittance 12 hours in the heat under poor conditions.

Japan - there is no better advertising

Japan has not only won against Germany, funnily enough I really only got this info about the game in the coverage, but has also been able to do the best advertising for a country: Respect, order, cleanliness, community. These attributes have implemented the Japanese after the game, in which these cleaned up the whole stadium. This behavior, probably unique in the world, is the best advertisement for a culture. And this is actually more interesting than the soccer itself, because while the climate glues themselves to the street, the people of Japan have cleaned up the garbage of people with whom they actually have nothing to do.

This is what each of us also do, shameful that Germany wants to save the world, but Japan, of all countries, with the high plastic consumption, cleans up all the garbage.

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