Science July 2023: Superconductor LK-99, metal cures itself, fusion rocket under construction

Recently I have seen in announced a contributionI would like to share more content around science on this blog and therefore I would like to try to publish once a month a review of the latest news and publications from science, which have reached me and which are exciting in my opinion.

🧲 LK-99, superconductor realized without pressure and low temperatures.

LK-99 has been known for a long time, since 1999, but has only recently been rediscovered as a possible superconductor at room temperatures. I find it exciting because superconductors can be used to transport electricity without losses.

🔧 Impossible self-healing: metal repairs itself

In practice, I myself will probably not get to see the self-healing of metal, but the fact that it has been discovered that this is possible shows that there is still much to learn.

🚀 A fusion rocket capable of traveling 500,000 miles per hour is under construction

NTR - Nuclear Thermic Rocket, so the designation of this rocket, is to be in the construction, this is to be built by Lockheed Martin and a partner enterprise for the DARPA, and with funds of the NASA. The special, the speeds possible with it, would make it possible within months by the solar system to travel, instead of years and to Mars, instead of months, only weeks. The duration of the journey, and thus the propulsion system, are decisive for the costs and the payload.

🧠 Brain cells successfully transplanted!

Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, our brain is aging and with time there are more and more problems, but now they have managed to transplant brain cells and this could help many people.

🔋 Zinc battery stores electricity and produces hydrogen

A battery that stores electricity and produces hydrogen at the same time. I find this quite interesting and therefore wanted to at least record it here.

🐖 Piggy Sooy: Soybeans with pig genes should taste like meat

I used to be against GMO, now I find it exciting, and would definitely want to try it, soybeans with meat flavor, but actually I am quite satisfied with the Vegangen alternatives Geschmacklich, only if you would have less chemistry in the food, you could reach people with it.

🩹 Solar patch monitors metabolism

When eHealth meets solar, a smart patch only works if it also has an energy source, with a solar patch vital data and metabolism can be monitored.

🧬 All bases of DNA and RNA now found in meteorites

Less exciting, but important for astrobiology, because all bases of DNA and RNA were discovered in a meteorite, this supports the statement that mankind or DNA as such, possibly came to earth by meteorites. One this research area also Panspermia.

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