AI Prompt Contract Work

I am your reliable partner for creating custom prompts for ChatGPT, I am available as AI Prompt Engineer. Whether you need help developing creative ideas for your social media campaign, website content or any other project, I'm here for you.

Automation of web services

Do you want your website to be connected to your social media accounts and automate your work to reduce the time spent? You want to automate processes and save time so you can focus on your own business/work, which is more important? Then you can book me now

Vertical Farming Consulting

With several years of experience in the vertical farming industry, I have in-depth knowledge of vertical farming, hydroponics and technology.

If you want to learn more about vertical farming, validate your idea or business, or need help with strategy and implementation plans, I'm here to help. As a consultant, I offer customized solutions for individuals and businesses looking to get into vertical farming or improve their current operation.

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Petr Kirpeit