Tunisia: Democracy of the Arab world goes down...

A disgrace for democratic relations in Tunisia, only 11.3% voter turnout, which must be an international low.

After talking to friends from Tunisia, they told me that voting won't change anything anyway.

That's right! Politicians are idiots everywhere, but if they see that people are watching their backs, and that as a majority, they will be less likely to screw up and not get on the wrong side of the population.

If I were a politician, I interpret it to mean that as a politician I can do whatever I want because only a minority of 11% even care what I do and they can't make a difference in a democracy anyway because the rest lethargically practice silent protest.....

I have more sympathy for the German protest voters who vote for the AFD, who want to tell the established parties that they should pay more attention to the needs of the citizens and less to what is ideologically trendy at the moment.

Parliamentary elections 2022, second round - turnout 11.3%

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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