War or peace? And who decides that?

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a year, I actually wanted to list at this point what this war has brought to people all over the world so far, but somehow you can understand for yourself what war is and what it has caused, and so a mere listing would not be fair if I forgot something.

Now, the Munich Security Conference recently convened, and there it was virtually all about the war in Ukraine. And while the Russian Baltic fleet is being nuclear-armedas it has not been since the Cold War, our universally (in)loved German foreign minister, who boasts of her feminist foreign policy, but is probably more interested in Incompetence not to be outdone is what a alleged declaration of war against Russia for political as well as diplomatic embarrassment is hard to beat.

Now the Western world, be it Europe or the USA, is less diplomatic against Russia and thinks it would help Ukraine to victory by supplying weapons, which is practically impossible, because victory is only possible if Ukraine were to attack Russia and make territorial claims or take the Kremlin, which from a military strategic point of view borders on madness and is not possible. Neither for the U.S., and for Ukraine even more so. However, should Ukraine attack Russia, and continue to experience NATO countries as support, militarily strategically you then attack the supply lines to cut off the enemy from arms supplies.

And then comes China, a player on the map, which for a year has been the silent spectator, so to speak, and instead of war, is betting on peace. So China itself wants to negotiate a peace for Ukraine with Russia, and the West doesn't like that. Shouldn't the common goal be to end the war? How many victims do you have to mourn after one year? Biden was celebrated during his speech in Warsaw, I wonder for what that the USA blown up the Baltic Sea pipeline and all parties involved remain silent out of fear?

China, however, as a neutral party, wants to work for a peace solution, but apparently some states do not want a peaceful solution, so the Chinese reproach. At least I can agree with China that peace efforts look different than what is currently happening.

The quote from the Article from n-tv:

China's top diplomat Wang Yi accused the US of a smear campaign and aggressive behavior against his country. Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China promoted peace negotiations in Ukraine and accused some - unnamed - states of not being interested in a peaceful solution. He announced a proposal from the Chinese leadership and called on Europeans to also seek a peace solution. He did not want to condemn Russia, but stressed China's neutrality in the conflict.


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