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In my last post I wrote about why science fascinates me so much, and since I'm following scientific developments on a daily basis anyway, I thought about publishing a blog post about the latest scientific developments from time to time, these posts should contain a listing of what I consider to be interesting articles where you can read about scientific developments and discoveries.

I will test this new format for a while and see how the interest in it develops and whether I can report about it on a semi-regular basis. I will mark the posts accordingly and mention the highlights in the title.

Here you will find articles about the Science theme to this blog

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Vertical Farming and the Problem with Staple food

Vertical Farming and the Problem with Staple food

Those who know me know that I am in the vertical farming business. While I'm not in the lab or indoor growing facility on a daily basis, I've seen live what it's like, what the problems are, and what the solutions are to challenges.

One thing, and this is the point that is most of the truth about the negative aspects of vertical farming: the cultivation of Basic food products. Mainly cereals. Continue reading →

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Why science fascinates me

Why science fascinates me

I actually don't know how many people are interested in the subject of science, probably enough, and yet many probably won't be in this field. In this post I would like to write about why science fascinates me.

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Real climate solutions catalog of measures - Because the last generation sucks

Real Climate Solutions Catalog of Measures - Because the Last Generation Sucks

They say, the wiser gives in, because it makes no sense to discuss with stupid people, well, I had this view also for some time, but if people are getting dumber and then climate extremists are financed from abroad, present themselves as saviors of humanity (yes not even of the German people), then it is time to show these truants how to do it really. Continue reading →

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Toroidal propeller revolutionizes almost 200 years of technology

Recently I came across this video and was impressed by this revolution, because after almost 200 years (196 years), there is a revolution in rotor/propeller technology and this will change everything, generators, fans, drives, everywhere this will now be able to find application, so this is more economical in consumption and has twice the efficiency in power conversion. Continue reading →

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Lex Kirpeit/AI2023 - Restriction of Generative Artificial Intelligence - Guideline.

Due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence, this has far-reaching consequences for humanity, the likes of which we have never experienced before at such a speed. Within weeks to months, virtually anyone with access to the Internet can now use artificial intelligence to achieve their goals.

Using ChatGPT (GPT-3.5), I created a Lex Kirpeit/AI2023, and adjusted measures accordingly (ChatGPT suggested death penalty, which I think is overkill), which states what limitations of generative AI should apply in my opinion and experience. Since I am a natural person and do not have legislative influence, this Lex Kirpeit/AI2023, is a recommendation and should be considered an informal guide to dealing with generative AI.

This lex is not legally binding, but should be considered to limit long-term harm from generative AIs.

ChatGPT's conclusion:

It is my hope that the Lex Kirpeit/AI2023 will help ensure that the use of generative AI technology is done in an ethically responsible manner and that humanity is protected from the potential harms of the use of AI technology.

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