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Why I sometimes deactivate ad blockers

Advertising, who doesn't know it, sometimes annoying, sometimes too personal, and then often slowing down the page. Ad blockers help.

Adblocker plugins have reduced advertising on the internet for many people, but you can still find ads. But why is this actually important?

I used to find advertising on the internet annoying and I still find it annoying to some extent today, because on some sites it is so overcrowded that you hardly notice any of the content. And that's a problem, because of course the acceptance goes down and the website then even loses users because the content:advertising ratio is no longer right.

Advertising was of little interest to me before I went online with my own website, but as soon as you fill your first website with content and get your first traffic, the question arises, how do I finance the whole thing?

With Google AdSense you at least have a worldwide advertising provider that fills spots, but ad blockers like to prevent this and so the revenue is missing.

There is a problem here: advertising in the form of banner ads today hardly brings in any money if the content does not reach a specific target group that is willing to pay, which advertisers are targeting and are therefore prepared to pay higher click prices.

On one of my sites I sometimes only have 0.15€ with more than 1000 page views, the topic is not specific enough for advertisers and then there is a lack of interest.

On the other hand, 2 of my pages have a specific user group, sometimes only 10 page views, but then a single click can bring in 1.50€.

There are various possibilities for website operators, I also tried affiliate links, but nothing came of it apart from page views, because the money is only paid when the user buys the affiliate product, a solution that works for some, but is not useful for everyone.

So there are some websites that are simply practical, but you don't want to spend money on them, for me that includes unixtime.com about it. The site is small, simple, practical and has only one Google Adsense banner ad. And although it is not an art to calculate the Unix timestamp in real time or from real time to Unix time. And this small site is financed by this advertising banner, it is not intrusive and yet it brings the operator of the site a few cents or euros a month. So why should I prevent this with an adblocker?

Screenshot from Unixtime.de (as of January 2023)

Adblockers have a purpose and a reason on the Internet, but if you want to support a site because you are not prepared to pay for it, then you should think about making some concessions to the provider if you know that they have only integrated a few banner ads and are using them to finance this service.

So perhaps we should also think about who we are taking income away from if we don't want advertising but are not prepared to pay money for this service.

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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