ChatGPT is the future and Microsoft's destiny?

ChatGPT is on everyone's IT lips and as quickly as OpenAI has cracked the 1 million user mark, many a company can take a leaf out of their book and learn something from it. But ChatGPT is not just another tool that a user group finds interesting, but sooner or later will be found in many software products. Alone with ProductHunt are in the last weeks new applications grown like mushrooms from the ground, which ChatGPT or the technology and artificial intelligence behind it.

However, Microsoft now also seems to be interested in ChatGPT, and this could shake up the digital balance of power.

Now it seems exaggerated, because Google also has an AI (also thanks to buying up DeepMind 😉 ) and this is not unproductive, has this Google's server farms optimized in energy consumption, but this has not really reached the user, so in 2018 there was the big announcement that Google Duplex is the future, an AI that is a personal assistant and can even make phone calls itself. Here there is still a Video how Google presents Duplex has been. But from this nothing left today, which is used at the Google I/O 2018. The messenger Google Allo was discontinued in 2019, and whether the video messenger Google Duo is still used at all is just as questionable as the eternal discussion about whether Google Hangout still exists or not. In fact, Google did not make it very far with Google Duplex, neither did it arrive in Germany, nor did it show up again anywhere on my network after Google I/O. A failure.

And now comes ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence capable of providing even business plans, calculations, knowledge and more, the purposes: as far as your imagination goes. A framework for a recycling program in Tunisia? No problem, a start-up idea? No problem, an own language? Yes and no, it can formulate structures of a new language, but not form sentences, and only repeat the text, the limit of what is technically feasible, where man is superior to artificial intelligence, the ability of creativity and this we should keep well, because not much is missing then, to the universal problem solver, yes I may take it in the mouth, a god-like being that man created to solve his problems.

But let's get back to Microsoft, a few days ago I saw an interesting article on LinkedIn where a user asked ChatGPT if Microsoft's search engine Bing would benefit from ChatGPT, and yes, it would. The interest is there now, and the whole SEO measures can be thrown overboard, if you do not even optimize according to Google SEO, but optimize according to ChatGPT, so that the AI in later stages will even get real-time content from the Internet and you then absolutely want to be noticed as a website operator with his knowledge and article of ChatGPT.

Microsoft is currently planning to use it in the Microsoft Office Suite and that's logical, because ChatGPT is a texter program, it can write texts and that of course makes sense in Office use. So I have already chased the one or other email through ChatGPT and "upgraded" to a more professional choice of words and that works really well with enough input.

Google's missed opportunities

And now I vaguely predict that Microsoft will cause quite a sweat with this decision at Google, yes, it could even enter a new war of the search engine. Google has rested for years on the successes, who the Google translator qualitatively compares with DeepL, will directly use DeepL as a translator, simply because the quality is better than that of Google, but Google no longer improves anything because it is not economically viable and that is a problem, in my opinion, too many businessmen and designers have taken influence at Google in recent years, I do not need every year a new design of the tools I use, I would be just as happy with the Gmail of 2011 today as then, but the developments and technological breakthroughs at Google have become noticeably less and the Google Graveyard - Killed by Google all the greater. I don't even want to know how much money has been burned by this discontinuation of services and how much user trust has been shaken.

But Microsoft stands more for consistency, services are not discontinued after 2 years, and if you compare the ratio, at Google 3x more services discontinued than Microsoft. With ChatGPT, however, Microsoft could gain great influence and thus also make Bing a real competitor of Google, not that I don't appreciate the quality of Google's search engine result, but a real competition doesn't exist anymore when someone covers almost 90% of the market.

We will see where the journey goes and what opportunities Microsoft will draw from it.




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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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