Germany's energy supply at the limit

The energy transition in Germany is in full swing, but is due to the war between Russia and Ukraine and the blowing up of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, as well as the boycott of Nord Stream 1, leads to the fact that gas became less, which was now compensated by LNG gas supplies, the German gas storage facilities stood 20.01.2023 (To the graphic), are full, and so far we have been lucky in Germany that the winter so far has not been as cold as previously predicted.

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But this does not solve the problems, in the power grid come through the increased requirements and the expansion of renewable energy to more than 12600 redispatch measures in 2022. Recently, there were Power supply bottlenecks at energy network operator TransnetBW, and the only reason why we haven't had any brownouts or even a blackout so far is thanks to climate change and the average 8°C higher temperature in January. The years before, there was partly more snow in January/February. However, since the gas storage facilities are full, the risk of a blackout, at least on the part of an undersupply, is lower.

Smart meter obligation and heat pumps

Due to the political course, one wanted to Ban new construction of gas & oil heating systems from 2025 onwardsBut this is no longer coming, presumably one wanted to save politically so annoyance and pressure of the population, by increased prices for gas and electricity, the gas heating will sooner or later become unattractive, not to mention oil heating.

A goal will be here probably to make the expensive heat pump the citizens palatable, this is subsidized with tax money, but brings this by the operation with electricity also disadvantages, the need for electricity will increase in the winter months, just the season in which we lack the solar power and the wind only at hurricane force enough energy supplies, and so Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (The Greens) plans the mandatory use of smart metersto simply determine the electricity demand. The cabinet of the standing federal government of SPD, Greens and FDP, have already approved the request of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

What exactly are smart meters?

"Smart meters are digital, networked measuring devices for heat or electricity that automatically transmit consumption to providers. This data can also be viewed constantly by consumers, for example on a smartphone app."

"All electricity suppliers, regardless of the number of customers, must offer dynamic electricity tariffs from 2025, according to the draft. That means electricity will be cheaper at certain times and more expensive at others." - Source: ZDF

In my opinion, you can look at it any way you want, but we are running into a Electricity shortage economy at, times where the electricity is expensive, is switched off, and times where it is cheap, one will ramp up production, whether that should be the future? I doubt it, electricity should be saved anyway, it is the highest form of energy that man can produce and accordingly also the most precious.

But if I am an energy producer, and I have to earn money with it, the prices are adjusted according to the usage pattern of the citizens. And when the electricity of regenerative energies is available, means, at noon in the summer it will be cheaper, and towards the evening it will be more expensive, depending on whether more or less wind blows and in the winter? Well, in winter it will be expensive all day, depending on how much the industry consumes, because heating will be necessary if you do not want mold would like to have in the house. And electric cars, you will have to charge them during the day and check the weather forecast every day, when enough sun will shine and the price of electricity will drop.

Network agency head Klaus Müller warns of power outages caused by heat pumps and e-cars

But the smart meter plan continues, according to warns Klaus Müller, head of the Federal Network Agency, against Power outages due to heat pumps and e-cars (Wait a minute, they're subsidized, aren't they 😉 ), so it's a practical fit that households will be required to integrate smart meters. This is because power grid operators can thus control consumers when consumption is high or solar systems when they produce more energy than needed, to be able to disconnect from the mains.

Well, you save electricity instead of having to admit that the energy transition can't keep up with reality and people's growing demand for electricity. Why else is the rest of the world building new nuclear power plants, only Germany is getting out and Germany wants to show how it's done? Every country that expands nuclear power consistently decides not to go the German way, which in the Deindustrialization of Germany ends. Because only in Germany may Biogas plant operators do not feed more electricity into the grid than their allocated quota provides for, the rest of biogas!!! Must be flared, methane which is burned and then causes CO2 without providing any value, great, so German logic works, German climate protection, in the end you must then certainly still (thesis, no evidence available) buy CO2 certificates, concludes the biogas plant is then not an energy producer, but CO2 emitter.... you can not think up something like that.


And fitting to today's time, the negative development of energy supply and grid stability, Russia's war with Ukraine, actually only one video fits, which would not fit better to a left-green-social(*cough*) government:

"It's 10:30 p.m., we have to save energy for the war that is for peace. The electricity will be turned off now. Good night comrade (note: salutation of SPD party members), tomorrow your work for the party must be better than today. Remember, even in your sleep, big brother is watching you, big brother is looking at you."





Smart meter expansion is being pushed again


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