How Microsoft's Bing with ChatGPT will change the Internet

There are only stories from the Time of browser wars beginning of the 21st century, between Netscape and Internet Explorer, but also the 2nd browser war later, between Firefox and Google Chrome, competed against each other and wanted to be the better browser. In the end, it was Google who, on the basis of the open source Chromium browser, with Google Chrome, made it... created a quasi supremacy on the Internetand shares the browser world with a few other browsers. Most other browsers, albeit from other manufacturers, also end up with Chromium or at least the WebKit rendering engine working in the background.

Also on the subject of search engines, Google has at the latest since the early 2000s so far Global market sharethat even in the German dictionary the term of "googeln". is to be found. Google has been the search engine for websites and content for the last 2 decades. Besides other search engines with different focus, like Ecosia, Qwant, MetaSearch, etc. none of them could be close to Google.

And then we have Microsoft Bing, Microsoft's attempt to eclipse Google's supremacy, as standard search engines in Internet Explorer or today in the Microsoft Edge browser, Bing was actually hardly paid attention to, so the search results were not comparable with those of Google and you found all services bundled under one roof at Google anyway. What Microsoft implemented only years later, in which always desktop applications were moved to the browser and the cloud.

And today? In December 2022 ChatGPT was released and it has unleashed an unprecedented potential, we have opened the Pandora's box and only the restrictions set by humans, prevent that AI would become a danger, not by itself, but by the human who wants to know..., But that's not what this post is about. Because with the strong interest, Microsoft has probably made the wisest decision of the company, namely. Invest in OpenAI, and in return to integrate ChatGPT adapted to their own needs in Microsoft Bing.

I was a friend of Google for a long time, but after 2014 my trust in it has started to crumble, about 2-3 years ago Google launched AI Google Duplex announced and it never came out, an AI which can handle phone calls and appointments. Besides the problem that they are more concerned about design issues and less about the technical potential, Google has just overslept for many years. Google Plus Trauma too low, instead of wanting to put down the next defeat. But Microsoft is calmer, interfaces do not change every 1-2 years so that designers keep their job, with Microsoft you find consistency in the applications and even if I just do not need more except for Microsoft Office, I can rely on the fact that it works. Except Outlook, there I have already seen bad things with customers 😉

Recently I decided then to invest in Microsoft, and will now buy monthly, because the potential of AI and in conjunction with current data and information, which you can then provide at Bing, makes Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT a powerful tool and thus makes the world available to everyone. This feeling, which one felt for the first time to find everything at Google, will now be felt at Bing, to get for the first time everything, current information and answers to questions, which one would otherwise have to search through articles for a long time.

We are at the beginning of something big here and still I am not sure if humanity is ready for it, too much hatred and manipulation and selfishness, ideological thinking that poisons people and only invites abuse of a tool. We will see where this technological journey takes us....

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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