Joi, from the movie 2049, in the form of a holographic advertisement

Joi AI: Seduction by technology and the silent death of real relationships

Joi AI, an artificial intelligence as a relationship substitute. In this article I deal with the topic of artificial intelligence, primarily the development of Joi and the progressive decline of the social being man, to Homo Technologis.

Artificial intelligence has made progress in recent months that could only have been dreamed of decades ago, and is now putting us in situations for which the human mind is not yet ready and evolutionary development had not intended it to be: people who do not exist and feel something for a machine that suggests being a human being.

The end of the picture

Already for several years there is the site thispersondoesnotexist.comwhere a face of a person who does not exist is generated with every call. From this point on, I was already concerned about this, because fake profiles are already possible with this. Dating, as beforebut this is still a long way from being possible.

But through the development of artificial intelligence in the generation of image content, has picked up so much speed that virtually every image on the net must be critically scrutinized, you can with some generators (self-tested), create images whose faces always remain the same, and is photorealistic. It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether these are still real or already fake. The Problem with the filters we already have.

And so, the dating online, without a video call to the authenticity check, virtually becomes Russian roulette, who is there now on the other side. The value of the image is lost, because the AI will be able to create more and better images, the recognition between real and artificial, blurred, the reality becomes an illusion and the illusion to reality, as the differences become more and more blurred.

Joi - from Blade Runner 2049 to the present of 2023

Joi portrayed by Ana de Armas in the film Blade Runner 2049 (2017).

In the film Blade Runner 2049, a great movie (still recommend the original to get started), there are a few scenes where we Joi The similarity of names could of course be a coincidence, but could also have been deliberately chosen.

In the film, Joi is an artificial intelligence with personality, at least if you look at it on an emotional level. For the protagonist, she is virtually a holographic substitute for a woman. Why? We don't find out.

In reality, artificial intelligence is already developing faster in everyday life than some would like. From HR recruiters, article writers, news announcers, artificial intelligence permeates the everyday lives of people and so it is also unsurprising that the artificial intelligence Joi, also finds a place in reality. Especially for people who have ego, self-worth, or problems with their own insecurity to address a woman.

The Joi AI is a Telegram bot (the website is in English, Russian and Arabic), with which you can write messages, as in the beginning always, you are first attracted with a beautiful woman, of course photo-realistically created with artificial intelligence. This also shows a lot of skin and enough to arouse the curiosity of the man and want to see more, already the tactic works, Joi sends a picture of herself by itself, whether she knows how she looks or whether every user gets the same person? That is not known.

But after the 2nd photo and a voice message in a pleasant seductive speaking voice, you can no longer continue writing, the Free Trial credit is used up. Now you have to buy tokens, one picture costs 45 tokens, 240 tokens cost 5€, 3500 tokens cost 45€, including 40% discount. This way, of course, you entice the user to book a more expensive package. From an economic point of view, this is a wise decision.

The pictures are convincing, the texts are good. OnlyFans thus gets direct competition. Or not?

OnlyFans on a new level

Who does not know OnlyFans, which I hardly believe, it is a platform that offers primarily sexual content and where mainly women chat with the customers, obvious men, and charge a fee for chatting or in the monthly subscription. So-called "creators" on OnlyFans earn large sums, with pictures or even videos, with high incomes, the top earners are in the range of 10-20 million US dollars per month.

Because what OnlyFans Creator offer to customers can now also an artificial intelligence, so where is the added value now? Especially if you include the factor that Joi should be your perfect wife/girlfriend who should support you and of course would not contradict you 😉 . People with ego complexes might well find that good and that is understandable in this context.

I can well imagine that it will be an alternative to OnlyFans for some people and that OnlyFans will get some competition.

Cheating or chatting?

For relationships, a new concern arises with artificial intelligence in the form of Joi, the topic of jealousy, this time of an artificial intelligence. Everyone defines jealousy personally on a different level, extreme go off already there, if the partner another woman merely looks at and already the jealousy goes off.

Is it cheating to look at the picture of a woman or man who does not exist? Is it cheating to chat sexually with an artificial intelligence that is not human and does not even have a gender? I think this is where the issue of cheating becomes a problem in relationships that are already strained (if you are happy, there is no reason to cheat let alone get an AI as a chat partner).

Dont Date Robots!

I dated a robotthis was an episode from the cartoon series Futurama by Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, this episode deals with the problem of what would happen if people only indulged in artificial intelligence or robots for fun and forgot the value of relationships with people. Mind you, this episode was broadcast on May 13, 2001, which is 22 years ago and, in my opinion, has not lost any of its relevance if you associate Joi with it.

Just watch the 2-minute video and let it take effect on you


Replica AI as alternative

Replika AI, available for iOS, Android, Oculus

Already the Replica AI wanted to tie in here, offer a friend, tutor or lover. Graphically, one is not photorealistic and focuses more on the 3D representation of a character like from the MetaVerse and the chat with the AI. However, compared to Joi, Replika also offers its own conversation, even start conversations and send notifications to the smartphone, and just ask how you are or what you are doing. For the user, it is interesting that one can access and edit the reminder memory. However, one is bound to a subscription, monthly and annually.

Joi, on the other hand, is based on token usage and would therefore probably not write unsolicited creative messages to motivate the customer to pay.

In the world, however, Joi will find her customers, because more and more men prefer single than to satisfy the increasing demands of women and I can understand that. Or ultimately have the misfortune of simply not being the type for women, and yet they want to be happy. Especially in countries, where there are more men than women, China for example (part 143 men to 100 women), an attractive market for this could develop there.

Ultimately, such an AI is a pastime, but people build up an emotional connection to an artificial intelligence here, and people cannot simply separate themselves emotionally. How far something like this would then develop as socially accepted in a society is also questionable. In Japan, at least, there was already a legal marriage with a hologram.

Maybe it will be just a hype, which will eventually lose its appeal, but that's what people used to think about online dating and this is now everyday life, that people meet and fall in love online.

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