Meta dies with the metaverse

Why the Metaverse is a disaster, Zuckerberg's value has plummeted from US$125 billion to just US$32 billion, and now even Costco Wholesale is more valuable than meta.

Personal opinion: Zuckerberg's decision was the dumbest of his life, because Meta is dying. 52% of the revenue has gone away. While Meta Horizon Worlds has 200,000 users per month, has Linden Lab's Secondlife 200,000 users per day.

Maybe Mark should have bought Linden Lab's sooner, would have had a better chance. I think I would probably invest in Linden Labs rather than Meta, which wants to forcibly change the Internet to create a monopoly, while Linden Lab wants to reach a solid branch of interested people

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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