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In my last post I wrote about why science fascinates me so much, and since I'm following scientific developments on a daily basis anyway, I thought about publishing a blog post about the latest scientific developments from time to time, these posts should contain a listing of what I consider to be interesting articles where you can read about scientific developments and discoveries.

I will test this new format for a while and see how the interest in it develops and whether I can report about it on a semi-regular basis. I will mark the posts accordingly and mention the highlights in the title.

Here you will find articles about the Science theme to this blog

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

All articles are my personal opinion and are written in German. In order to offer English-speaking readers access to the article, they are automatically translated via DeepL. Facts and sources will be added where possible. Unless there is clear evidence, the respective article is considered to be my personal opinion at the time of publication. This opinion may change over time. Friends, partners, companies and others do not have to share this position.

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