My annual plan 2024

The year 2023 has come to an end, the new year has begun and it's time to start thinking about the year ahead. Last year I my annual plan 2023 created. 


Last year, I had a whole list of things planned that, like everyone else I'm sure, I couldn't complete.

So what have I achieved in the last year?

  • Fill up nest egg account (1000€ minimum)
  • Start a product business and achieve sales
  • Book a new online course and learn a new skill (I have too many Udemy courses I want to finally work through).
  • 3 new customers acquired

Of my total of 14 points, I ultimately only managed 3, or 4, but partially, even though I had a whole year.

Did I perhaps take on too much? I don't really think so, the real problem was time, as I'm always working or learning new things, time is the factor that prevents me from doing so.

I was able to fill up my nest egg account, I was able to start a product business online store, but didn't make any sales, and I did several courses and learned about different things, but instead of Udemy it was at the openHPI portal^^

My plan for 2024

As I didn't manage to do several things last year, I'm setting myself the goal of achieving them this year.

  • Reading a sci-fi book (I'm wavering between George Orwell's "1984" or Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World")
  • Read 2 business/coaching books 
  • Meet friends twice a year (unfortunately my circle of friends is widely scattered)
  • Go hiking at least once a year (I live in the Harz Mountains, and yet I haven't managed to go on a trip in the last few years, I want to change that)
  • Learn at least 1 online course
  • 1 Build, offer and monetize micro Software as a Service service
  • Build 2 more websites
  • Setting up a greenhouse and practicing hydroponics
  • Work on my charisma and persuasiveness, learn body language better
  • Do an internship at an online company (The plan is to learn new things and do an internship at an online company)
  • 6 Winning customers
  • Continue to save your nest egg account
  • Reach target weight of 70 kg (didn't work out very well last year due to stress)

I have also set myself some goals for 2024, even if you might think it's too ambitious now, you should always have a positive mindset when setting your own goals. 

Have you already set your goals for 2024? 

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