No more "very" - "No More Very" puts an end to it

As a developer, you always have to be up to date, just so you don't get left behind and work with outdated knowledge. An exciting source of the latest services and technologies can be found at ProductHunt.

Today I have a interesting page at ProductHunt found and embedded them directly here in the post.
My English is far from perfect and I catch myself every now and then, where I'm not sure if the word is so right in English (Maybe I should learn again at Duolingo 😀 ), I also stumble across words where I then think "very bad" is somehow not so right, well, it's already right, but could be more peppy or simply fit the native English more, like "dreadful". In the normal everyday life one comes with such words less in contact, probably however several times my contacts from the international area will know rather these words. Never mind, you never stop learning and it would be boring if you knew everything. But with "No More Very", can be used as inspiration and a good source to look up when you're looking for an appropriate word again.


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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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