NodeJS is a pain in the ass

Recently I was able to venture again to a NodeJS project from Github ran, I actually always program for the web in PHP and avoid NodeJS projects as far as possible, Javascript is not infrequently a horror to me and NodeJS makes it with its x-fold dependencies no less easy, because these must also be kept up to date, get security patches and and and ... and what do you get when you want to get a project running, missing installation instructions and NodeJS and NPM respectively. NPM does not get along with it, first updates import, so that this can work at all with it, already stupid, if within 2 major versions distance NodeJS can no longer start a build process.

And after all the problems and updates of NodeJS, NPM, and Yarn, then you get such a nice screenshot out, where you then with so many warnings and outdated versions that are no longer maintained, really have to think about whether you want to do that to yourself. Well, and then you get 78 vulnerabilities, of which 43 were rated as High and 10 even as Critical, then you say no thanks and delete the Github data from the developer folder and then have enough of NodeJS for a while.

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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