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Enjoying retirement on the world's oceans? Why not!

Recently, a report was shared on the Internet that a retired couple has been spending their retirement on the world's oceans, having settled on a cruise ship for more than a year without interruption. In this article, I discuss the benefits of retiring at sea.

What is really interesting is that it is cheaper to live at sea than in a retirement home. However, it is difficult to compare a cruise ship with a retirement home, but if you are still physically well in retirement, then you could also see life on a cruise ship as a solution.

The advantages are obvious.

There is a buffet every day, so you don't have to cook yourself or settle for cheap food from the retirement home.

The beds are made. Medical care is also available on a cruise ship.

You see many countries that you would otherwise not have been able to see.

You get to know new people and can share your stories and wisdom with them.

If you are not necessarily bedridden and healthy, I would probably recommend a cruise. Because we work all our lives and usually end up regretting that we never did what we wanted to do. But if you can still get to know some people and don't want to be confronted with death and the monotony of everyday life in a retirement home every day, then you would feel more comfortable on a cruise ship.

I could well imagine that in future, shipping companies would consider providing additional medical equipment for a certain number of senior citizens on cruise ships.

And it would also be an enrichment for the guests on the ship, because you always come into contact with new people, which is good for the immune system (COVID excluded) and at the same time it is good for the memory, because I think it is positive to always remember new people and if you want to have your peace and quiet as a pensioner, then you can simply lie down on the lounger outside on a warm cruise and enjoy the weather.

Definitely better than in a retirement home.

Retirement on the world's oceans in detail

Here are the advantages in more detail:

  1. Culinary freedom on board:On the Aida, for example, you enjoy a high degree of culinary freedom. With at least 10 free meals per stay, you have the opportunity to enjoy your breakfast in bed every day, either in the restaurant or delivered directly to your cabin by room service. In contrast to the retirement home, where you don't have much choice and there are sometimes big differences in quality.
  2. Wide range of leisure activities:The Aida offers extensive leisure facilities with three swimming pools, a fitness room and free use of the washing machine and dryer. There are also evening shows to keep you entertained. If you are physically healthy in old age, you can make the most of your free time and do all sorts of things, something you don't have in a retirement home.
  3. Free amenities:On board, practical items such as toothpaste, razors, soap and shampoo are provided free of charge, which increases travel comfort.
  4. Personal service:The staff on board treat you more like a customer than a patient. For an additional tip of €15 per day, you are offered an even more personalized service, where your wishes are read from your eyes. This is something you can only dream of in a nursing home, given the already hard-working nursing staff and the staff shortage.
  5. Social interaction:Every 8 to 14 days you have the opportunity to meet new people, which contributes to a constantly changing and exciting social environment. The big advantage is that you stay mentally fit, can always talk to new people, gain experience and pass it on.
  6. Hassle-free service:In the event of technical problems or inconveniences such as a defective light bulb or an unsuitable bed mattress, the staff will remedy the situation immediately and free of charge.
  7. Daily freshness:Fresh bed linen and towels are a matter of course on board and are provided daily without extra request.
  8. Medical care at no extra cost:In contrast to a stay in a retirement home, where you would have to pay for medical emergencies in accordance with the health insurance reform, you receive medical care free of charge on the Aida. However, the question here is whether medical care is also adequately available in old age, because otherwise you would have to go to hospital in the event of a serious fall, and that is less likely to happen at sea if you don't happen to be in port. This is probably the biggest problem here, where, depending on their physical condition, some people might not be able to live on a cruise ship after all.
  9. Safety and well-being:There are no known cases of cruise ship passengers being harassed or mistreated by staff, which is a contrast to some care homes. After all, there is no shortage of negative headlines about poor conditions in care homes.
  10. Worldwide travel destinations and financial benefits: With Aida you can travel to exotic destinations such as South America, Africa, Australia, Japan and Asia. You also save money every day, which even makes saving for a funeral superfluous, as a burial at sea would be free 😉

(I have taken the individual points from Petra Kominkova via Linkedin Post (linked), as these illustrate the whole thing well).

Personally, I could at least imagine living on a cruise ship in my old age, the only thing that would put me off would be the current prices for internet on the ocean.




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