Smart Battery Management for Linux - Finally!

I've been using Linux for a long time in parallel to my Windows work environment, because I have more and faster solutions with Windows. Nevertheless, Linux is not bad because of that.

A problem that has always bothered me with Linux on the notebook, the poorly implemented solutions for battery management. With the new GNOME tool, this should now change and save the battery, which would be great in any case, because so even older notebooks that lead a second life with Linux, also get a long shelf life. Because it is not good to always charge lithium batteries to 100% and rather keep them between 20-80%, so the battery lasts longer, this is due to the chemistry in the battery.

Definitely worth times the Battery Health Charging Extension for GNOME to try out.


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Battery Health Charging: Optimize battery life under GNOME


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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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