Why it's good that the blue check mark on Twitter should cost money

Elon Musk has bought Twitter, shocking for many, for many also a liberating blow from censorship of unwanted content. But Elon is a capitalist and his investment of several billion dollars, should also be worthwhile, the blue check mark, which is the symbol on Twitter as proof of a real person behind this account, should cost money and that, is good.

Recently, even supporters the Greens have now started their own Mastodon instance, you have to if you want to continue censoring and live in your own perfect world 😉 , instead of going on a public server of Mastodon. By the way, Mastodon is cool, because it goes to the Part of the Fediverse which in my opinion is the real Web3.0 and not all this crypto shit... Decentralized, but without crypto.

And then there is this uproar, the blue check mark on Twitter is now supposed to cost money. I myself have hardly used Twitter and deleted my private account after a few months. I wonder what is more frightening here, that people are upset that something costs money, which is a feature, but is not needed for the basic function of the platform, or because it is Elon Musk, who wants money. And now a drama is being made out of it.

Don't get me wrong, change always brings out opinions that oppose it, but what really changes for the average user? Rather less what and if Kanye West now gets angry because 8 $ a month has to cede to Elon because otherwise he loses his blue check mark, I doubt it.



And why are you angry now because of 8 $ ? Maybe it's envy, maybe it's the opponents of capitalism who want everything for free and not a 2 class society, ey people, wake up, it's 2022, if you don't do anything with your life, don't complain. 8 $ are around 8 € for a McDonalds menu and these people then complain about it? But not if they have to work x years longer for a measly pension... people just.

How much does it bring in now?

According to a Forbes article, there are 300,000 users on Twitter who wear the blue check mark, at 8 $ per month, that would be revenue to the tune of $2.4 million per month, that would at least be the maximum output, but I assume that some of the users won't do that, so the profit will be a bit less. In any case, that should be enough to safely pay monthly costs and expenses like wages. I wonder if Musk's billion-dollar investment will pay off. Well, I think it's better invested in a company instead of throwing the billions directly down the throat of the taxman.

Is it good that the blue check mark costs $8?

Clearly yes! As a capitalist, Elon has to run a company and pay the wages at the same time, the layoffs are therefore not unexpected, first you have to see how everything is built and how you finance the whole thing now. The blue check mark is for 8 $ now also not prohibitively, I would be at least more inclined to pay that, than 19 $ as the price of Elon a few days ago.

Do you need the blue check mark?

Not really, it shows status and authenticity, so what? If your own website links to this Twitter account, then it is the official account, even without a hack. For me, it is therefore only cosmetics to show that you are real.

I'm not a fan of Twitter and am more on the side of Fediverse and Mastodon, but also only because of censorship, decentralization and because Twitter removed the damn RSS feed! If RSS and chronological feed comes back and the aggressive mood goes down a bit, then I would probably go to Twitter, where, I have this blog here and so I see rather little sense for me in Twitter, which I can not write better here.

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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