Toroidal propeller revolutionizes almost 200 years of technology

Recently I came across this video and was impressed by this revolution, because after almost 200 years (196 years), there is a revolution in rotor/propeller technology and this will change everything, generators, fans, drives, everywhere this will now be able to find application, so this is more economical in consumption and has twice the efficiency in power conversion.

The inventor of the first functioning propeller for boat propulsion is considered to be the Austrian imperial-royal marine forestry superintendent Josef Resselwho received a patent to this effect in Austria on February 11, 1827.
Source: Wikipedia - Propeller

But another fact is interesting, because Austria today has no access to the sea, so how could you develop a propeller without sea or find application in the Navy? Sure, there are lakes in Austria, but I think historically you should also classify this, because at his time there was the Empire of Austria, which had a tiny access via the city of Trieste, to the Mediterranean Sea. On Federal Agency for Civic Education, there is a Map Central Europe 1815-1860, for copyright reasons, I prefer not to include this here. On it you can see the Austrian Empire well colored and also the city of Trieste, which in the south offered the Empire access to the Mediterranean Sea.

I think these circumstances, also had a reason in the development of the propeller, even if it is only my hypothesis, according to Wikipedia he really visited Trieste.



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