Vegan meat can be delicious, but does not come close to steak

Once again I chose a meat substitute, with supermarket prices vegan meat competes well, but not every product comes close to the inherently upscale.

Around the 2.00 € has cost the vegan meat alternative of Greenlegend, at 30% discount I have of course immediately struck to test this brand. In advance, I must say of course, the taste is subjective and what one likes, the other does not. Greenlegend has dispensed with soy, whether deliberately for cost reasons or to pick up a special target group, that remains to be seen.

Tested it by simply searing it until a pattern was visible on both sides, well, whether you want to call it a pattern now I don't know, but it was to the point where I can say you better take it off the stove now.
For the vegan meat alternative, there was then an Italian vegetable mix from the freezer bag, you want to do something for the health and for cost reasons and waste of resources, it would be stupid to buy everything fresh.

In this video, it is in English to give everyone the possibility to understand it, you can see the unpacking and how I rate the quality as well as the texture and taste.


My opinion:

You can eat it, but in terms of taste it does not come close to the competition or to a real steak. The texture is insufficient and does not offer a bite that would remind you of meat.

Would you eat that?

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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