What is the truth?

What is truth? Depending on the view and the possibilities of one's own horizon, the view of truth lies with oneself.

If one wants to be satisfied with simplicity, a suitable truth quickly emerges that fits into one's own world view. But is this still the truth just because you yourself think that this is the truth? Not really, because your neighbor may already have a completely different view of the circumstances and sees the truth quite differently. In both cases one lies here neither wrong nor right, but in between, both sides have discovered in each case a part of the truth, however only and/or mostly this part, which fits into own world view. And that is then not necessarily the whole truth.

Therefore, in order to recognize the truth, it needs something more. In the case of this contribution from LinkedIn, it shows 2 views or 2nd angles on an object, the cylinder results in a circle or a square depending on the angle of view, both in the 2nd dimension. Is this yet only a reflection of what the truth is, because it is not the truth, at least the complete one, but only a part of it. To find the truth, you have to look at different angles and then combine them to go from a 2D object to a 3D object. With some human imagination and 2 pictures of the same object, one comes then on the fact that the truth is 3 dimensional and this only 2 points of view permits, where by there are 2 variants of the truth, which contain only 50% of the actual truth.

In short, question what you are sold as truth and look at multiple angles to avoid the simple truth, because most of the time the real truth is much harder to discover.

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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