Why businesses need more than just an Instagram profile

In today's digital world, it is essential for companies to establish their presence on various online platforms. However, a social media profile on Instagram is not enough to portray a company as reputable and approachable.

Personally, I am occasionally bothered by the fact that there are, for example, vertical farming startups that only have an Instagram page and then expect to attract serious clientele. If I don't even know where the company is located or what company name it has, it's hard for me to have confidence in the company. Is it a limited liability company? A UG? Or even a private person? A few nice pictures and a text like "0km to the customer" are not enough to look serious here. I sometimes wonder if there is simply a lack of knowledge or wrong advice here.

Without its own website and contact information, a company looks unprofessional and leaves potential customers in the dark about how they can reach the company and learn more about its offerings. A website allows companies to present their services and products in detail and provide additional important information such as imprint and contact information.

Especially for companies that operate internationally, having their own website is of great importance. It makes it possible to reach potential customers all over the world and to leave a serious and professional impression. Instagram or other social media services offer the possibility to share pictures and content, but they lack important information and the possibility to contact the company directly.


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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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