Censorship is the reason to blog

This isn't the first time I've blogged, I've posted on another blog before. But with this post that changes.

I've been active on Facebook for at least 10 years, on LinkedIn for at least 5 years, never experienced censorship on I LinkedIn. Until it started with Corona 2020. In 2020 I got my first notification and a post was removed, what it was I don't remember. In 2021 there were 3 and until now, October 2022 at least 3x posts of mine were removed.

Have I changed? Do I share things more lightly? Rather not, I continue to question sources and have maintained my critical thinking and yet posts of mine are deleted.

The last deletion was 2 days ago and was revoked by LinkedIn today, why? No idea if someone said something or if I stepped on someone's toes? I don't know, but taking a post offline because you violate community guidelines after 3 weeks is revoked, 2 days later this is revised and the post is available again?

You can talk about technical errors here, but it was enough for me. A limit was crossed, at least for me, so I decided to blog, on a server in Germany, on my own account, on my domain, on an open source content management system and thanks to new technologies (Blockchain and Co deserve no thanks here!), I can continue to share my posts with my contacts on social platform on which I am represented.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Co., the centralized platforms invite you to be comfortable, sure, you have your contacts there, you have your environment and you are just thrown with viral content as if there is no tomorrow, just to stay longer on the platform and consume more. Facebook was the beginning, LinkedIn censored, and with Instagram and TikTok, you are approaching the degeneration of the human mind, through consumption and shorts, getting more and more memory problems (seriously, how much can you remember from the last 5 Facebook/Instagram shorts?), is it worth it to us? Do we need it to be? I say no, we don't need these algorithms that, after millions of years of evolution, limit people's abilities or think they know what people are interested in. By feedback loops people are manipulated also with the topic conspiracy theories more and more and do not come out there any more, clear, the algorithm means yes that it is good for one, what one is interested in...


Now what was the LinkedIn post about, which was removed and then re-released?

It was about blowing up the Nordstream 1/2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea. I expressed my opinion (I do not lease the truth, as there is no evidence) and linked a video where President Biden says in a public press briefing that they will finish the Nordstream 2 pipeline when Russia crosses the border with Ukraine, and how? Asked the journalist, because both pipelines have already been completed. Biden's answer: "We will, I promise you that we can do it" (translation via DeepL).

Is the US government behind President Biden responsible for the blast? No, there is no evidence, but there is circumstantial evidence, as in the video, or that on the part of the German government no information or details about the blasts are published and as of October, the media interest has already faded. Well, that's how it is with the short attention span. At least I don't think Russia did the blasting, because they have invested millions in this infrastructure. Nobody would destroy their house if they wanted to make money with it after all. Where is the logic in that? No, everyone who makes money from LNG sales, and Germany will be dependent on it for decades, could be responsible for it, and that includes the USA.

Will we ever know the truth? Probably not, evidence will not be found, not on site. And in the end the question remains, who is still interested in the truth today? One accepts as true what is given. You can't change anything anyway and history is written by the winner. If Russia loses the war in Ukraine, and that is likely, no matter whether through surrender or the use of nuclear weapons, it will be written in the history books that Russia was responsible for the explosion.

You can find the place in the video from minute 1:24 in video.

Here it goes to my post, as of 10/26/2022, this has been released again by LinkedIn.

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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