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Farmers' protest: Are farmers starting the revolution in Germany?

Farmers' protests in Germany? This is currently happening in Berlin and other places. Many people have been very dissatisfied with politics as a result of the two-year traffic light government. The majority of the population is calling for new elections, the government, consisting of the parties SPD, Greens and FDP, together only reach 32% Support. The majority of people have turned away.

And now the farmers' protests in Germany could create what would be necessary to force new elections, a general strike, if all people, starting with the farmers, stop working. This article is about the farmers' protests of December 2023.

The trigger for the farmers' protests

A few weeks ago ruled the Federal Constitutional Court (WebArchive Link) that it is illegal to use the Funds for the fight against the Covid pandemicfor other purposes has been attempted in various ways, for example, has Economic expert Claudia Kemfert urged to declare a climate emergency (ZDFtoday/WebArchive).

As a result, none of the attempts have been successful. And while anyone with a basic knowledge of economics knows that Germany does not have a revenue problem, but an expenditure problem (WebArchive), the government does not see it. The Ukraine aid money will not be stopped, nor will the Climate protection measures not frozen and also with the Development aid and financing of left-wing political associationsno savings should be made.

This is despite the fact that the democratic majority of the German population rejects these measures, the financial uncertainties, new taxes (planned for 2024 is the Plastic packaging tax/WebArchive), increase in taxes (CO2 tax to be raised to €45 per tonne/WebArchive40/ton was originally planned), or abolition of the low tax on diesel (Diesel soon to be 30 cents per liter more expensive?)

This is reported on various media sites:

BR (Bayrischer Rundfunk):


SWR (Südwestrundfunk):

NDR (North German Broadcasting):

For the farmers, the reasons that caused the barrel to overflow were that the Agricultural diesel subsidies and vehicle tax exemption to be abolished.


General strike in Germany? Overdue!

No matter who you talk to, business people, employees, everyone who is affected by the problems says that things can't go on like this and that people have to go on strike to put an end to this government. But who will start? Many people don't want to start because they are afraid of the economic fallout. They don't want to be the first.

There are so many problems in Germany that you don't really want to continue working or living like this, but you can't do anything, can you? Ultimately, you can see the results of the politics of recent years. "Divide and rule", or rather, divide the population, because that's the only way you can do anything. And it turns out that the division within society is great, the common ground is becoming less and less.

To There is no shortage of petitions for new electionsIf we are divided, no petition will get enough votes.

50 reasons why new elections are needed in Germany

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