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Last generation: Burning excavators and explosives - How far do they really go?

The Last Generation, a movement that is perceived by the public as peaceful and non-violent, except for the sticking in the streets, has another side. A side that promotes violence, extremism and even terrorism. The public has been deceived by the narrative of peaceful protest and civil disobedience.

The new news portal has published a comprehensive leak, with more than 300 MB of screenshots and documents of the conversation, and these have it all, showing how this grouping thinks even on the inside.

Last Generation: Peaceful Protest or Terrorist Organization?

The Last Generation claims to be committed to peaceful protest and civil disobedience. But evidence suggests that these views are more appearance than reality. The seemingly noble motives of this movement have been used to influence court rulings despite clear evidence.

In the video Climate protection or riot? The Resistance of the "Last Generation (SPIEGEL TV for ARTE Re:) "), apparently from January 2023, which was uploaded on 07/22/2023, can be seen how an accused climate activist is Judge lets exchange, by a biased motion, because the judge was biased. This is another way to twist the judicial system until it fits. Although the legal objection is valid, but also shows with what methods the judicial system is exploited. And so from my point of view, the judicial system is abused.

Apollo News has analyzed the internal chat histories from over a year of Last Generation, and the data analyzed shows a different picture of this movement - one of violence, cynicism towards human life, and extremism. The group's supporters don't seem to care about people.

So there is active talk about violence, burning excavators and the procurement of explosives. Where is activism there? I already see a terrorist organization here, which does not criticize or stop such behavior.

During the protests around the eviction of Lützerath in January 2023, it became clear that the movement wanted to become more aggressive. Zoola, an active member of the movement, suggested setting fire to excavators and RWE's corporate headquarters. Is this activism? A few years ago it was vandalism, legally it is damage to property, trespassing on private property, if not worse.

She is not an isolated example. Many other members share similar views. The talk is of murder fantasies and the need to act "aggressively.

Activists Zoola and Igor

According to the analysis of, Zoola and Igor, two prominent activists of the Last Generation, are known for their radical views. They are still active in the group today and there are no internal consequences for their statements.

Questions about the role of the Last Generation

It remains unclear how much of the crimes committed and attacks on police officers and politicians come from Last Generation circles. But they are not isolated cases. The violent fantasies and calls for violence come from leading activists.

Terrorism defense

The movement shares and discusses theory writings that not only classify violence as "ineffective" and "racist," but also provide historical examples of the success of terrorism and defend bombings and murder as legitimate means.

"With enough bold, empowering resistance, we can go beyond small victories and win a lasting victory against the state, patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy. Revolution is imperative, and revolution requires struggle." (Source)

This and other sections of these writings are also available online at the website anarchist library.

This no longer reads like the thinking of climate activists, but rather Marxists, left-wing extremists who want to abolish capitalism, funnily enough, that's what leftists have wanted for decades without naming a better and more stable solution, ah and not to forget, you want to end "white supremacy".

Isn't that also racism, only against white people? And why do you see there on the demonstrations almost only students who can not even argue and refer to the press spokesman? Have they been cooked to the point that even critical thinking is no longer possible?

In a blog post from last year, I explored how the Last generation is financed and that the "activists" are paid.

False Flag Action

Members openly discuss the possible benefits of violent actions. A leading member of Last Generation suggested not using Last Generation banners in violent actions and presenting them as "self-motivated acts." This is how you protect the construct of good activists, while at the same time using false flag actions to blame the violence on others. I can not imagine with the best will in the world, why Nazis should blow up an open pit excavator, but we already know that, you push the evidence and argumentation so that you will have a culprit.

The alleged non-violence of the Last Generation

The alleged non-violence of the Last Generation seems to be more of a clever media facade to have an effect deep in the center left. The truth is different: again and again, fantasies of violence are shared and there is a concrete call for violence.

Cars on fire in Munich, in Bremen there was an alleged arson attack on the Senator of the Interior and in Lützerath there were violent actions of climate activists. These actions not only caused property damage, but also endangered human lives.

The Last Generation certainly has legitimate concerns about climate protection and sustainability.

But then why do you have to resort to violence?

Why do you have to defile private property or the Endanger flight safety.

Why don't the activists stick themselves in the Bundestag and annoy the politicians? That would even find support from many people, but not if after a demonstration it is met with the plane to Bali goes or one goes with a Rental car extra arrives, to get stuck on the highway.

Instead, you draw the ire of the people who work day after day in a country that makes life harder and harder, where homeowners have to worry about the heating after decades or have to take out loans for renovation measures that will only pay off in decades, if ever. Exactly these people, who work hard day after day and have to come to work, are burdened and annoyed by being stuck on the street. Perhaps the German police should take a leaf out of the book of their French colleagues who have Tear stuck hands from the road.


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