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Why I won't pay any money for Spotify

Today I'm writing a different kind of post, and it's about my recent experience with Spotify.

The pre-2000s generation certainly still knows how to get music from YouTube videos, I belong to this generation, and so I prefer to listen to songs in playlists on YouTube.

Recently I discovered my interest in radio plays, a radio play is almost like a movie or a series, only for your ears, it is much more interesting, because you learn the story of the different protagonists only through their voice, and you are not dependent on the visual effects.

So I discovered a radio play via Facebook, which aroused my interest, on Audible, but since I don't use that, I searched for this radio play on other platforms and found it on Spotify.

I've always been against using Spotify because I thought that you should keep the music you buy and not borrow it, but well, that's another story. Anyway, as a new user on Spotify, I was offered the premium functions for free to test, so I was able to listen to the radio play without advertising and in the order in which it is intended.

While the advertising doesn't bother me at all, because a service has to earn its money somehow and I can see that as an entrepreneur and customer myself, there is one restriction that bothers me extremely:

The shuffle mode

Shuffle mode is a player function in which audio tracks in a playlist are played at random. The problem is, unfortunately, that it is virtually impossible to listen to a radio play that is split into dozens of recordings, as something else is always played at random.

And that's also the sticking point where I say, hey, I'm willing to pay money if you don't have advertising, but I should pay money for an absolutely basic function that I can play a playlist in order?

I don't see that happening, because it's the kind of capitalism, and I say that as a capitalist myself, which is to be rejected, nobody has the right to forbid a company to earn money, but this already borders on harassment of the user, almost blackmail, because if you want this basic function, you should opt for a premium subscription for which you have to pay money, otherwise you're out of luck.

Why should I do that as a consumer? I only pay to get the basics? I can live with advertising, but to take away the basics and force the user to switch to a paid subscription?

No, sorry, it's not worth it to me.

Well, that's kind of the story of how I came to Spotify and how Spotify lost me again. It shows just how much companies can force users to pay for their basic functions.

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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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