Ukraine rejects 36-hour ceasefire - why?

Vladimir Putin offers a ceasefire in the war of aggression with Ukraine, but Ukraine refuses, in the interview various people were asked, but from cynicism as that this will not change anything anyway, to that the Russian soldiers would take advantage of this to implement their logistics, it is clearly visible that one does not hope for a ceasefire at all. What else can one say about this?

The ceasefire could have been seen as an opportunity, because in the 36 hours that Vladimir Putin wanted on the part of the Orthodox Church representatives to negotiate a diplomatic peace. Yes even at least to be able to come back to the negotiating table and talk again, 36 hours where there would be just no more bloodshed, where sons or daughters would not die, one child or mother less to bury. Is that not worth anything?

Ukraine cannot defeat Russia and thus cannot win in this war, but at best push Russian soldiers back from Ukrainian territory. Not to mention the Russian People's Republics, but that is a case for the international court and, if necessary, the OECD.

Those who reject diplomacy and peace are just as cynical as those who claim that 36 hours of ceasefire will accomplish nothing.
I can only shake my head at this, because a war in which ceasefires are rejected, in which the opportunity to negotiate peace is not seized, will continue. And how long is this war supposed to go on? What is the goal? Russia will not want to give up, and as long as young people can be manipulated, they will continue to be used as cannon fodder. Is that worth anything?

We need peace and peace is not negotiated with weapons but between 2 people who sign papers at a table and are far away from the battlefield.


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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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