With VR glasses to death

Recently, an article appeared about the fact that the inventor of the Oculus, Palmer LuckeyThe game is a VR goggle that allows the person using it to die in real life as a result of a death in the game. I actually don't know how crazy you have to be to build such an apparatus. Even if it's just a thought-provoking idea, you should really think about the impact such a system will have on people. Will there be digital gladiator games in the future, where prisoners fight for freedom and all die except for one person and this person becomes free, like in The Tributes of Panem - The Hunger Games?

I'm really missing a reason why you should do something like this, although, somehow it fits the human species, create double-edged swords and enslave or destroy yourself with them, was with the atomic bomb so and does not stop with VR glasses that can kill someone.

I wonder if this is supposed to give you a special kick, that you die when you really lose? Reminds me but as an anime fan of the anime series "Sword Art Online", which appeared in 2012 and, interestingly, begins the story on November 6, 2022, the date on which the Oculus founder published the news about a VR goggle that would kill the user in real life. Cut to Akihiko Kayaba, the developer of the VR glasses called NerveGear alone and 10,000 users of the game digitally locked, removing the NerveGear would immediately lead to death. The only way to leave the game is to win all the levels.

Whether it is a coincidence that they chose exactly this date for the release, I vaguely doubt, so I can rather imagine that Palmer Luckey, himself has seen Sword Art Online, if not is a fan, because the date of the founding of Reality Labs, the company behind the Oculus and the release date fit together.

So the anime was created by Sword Art Online released on July 7, 2012, and Reality Labs was founded in July 2012. Unfortunately, it's not easy to determine the founding day for startups, but it would make sense to me if the Oculus as an idea based on Sword Art Online's NerveGear was developed.

Maybe in the end it's just a marketing ploy to stay in the conversation, well, you certainly won't attract investors with VR glasses that can kill people. From Potential danger from hackerswho could manipulate the devices and thus take people hostage, not to mention....



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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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