Newspeak in a dystopian world

Newspeak after Orwell's 1984 in the 2020s

Newspeak is the kind of language that developed in Orwell's 1984, or was coerced to move people in a certain direction. In recent years there has been a change in language where the truth is hidden and concealed behind passive or positive words. This article is intended to list words and terms and document their meaning and justification.

Nowadays, this is also noticeable in our language, sometimes subtly, sometimes more aggressively.

On YouTube, Youtubers use words that are similarly leaning, rewritten or cynical in controversial topics to protect against censorship. The new language that we are experiencing here in the 2020s is by no means unilaterally dictated from above, but is also used by the opposing side to prevent censorship of certain words or statements.

Here are some excerpts that have been increasingly noticed in recent years:

What they say What you mean Meaning or justification
Specialists Refugees Cynical description of refugees, who were referred to as skilled workers under the Merkel government during the 2015 crisis, although this is not true.
Falicate Caliphate Defusing the religious and political context to avoid digital censorship of critical statements on social networks
Unemployment Unemployment Mitigating the negative connotation
Releases Dismissals Concealing the unpleasant reality
Assisted suicide Euthanasia Differentiated presentation of the ethical implications
Humanitarian interventions War operations Concealment of the warlike character
Security measure Monitoring Less invasive presentation of privacy intrusions
Green biotechnology Genetic engineering Emphasizing the positive aspects of the technology
Climate change Global warming More neutral presentation of an alarming phenomenon
Socially disadvantaged Poor Reduction of stigmatization
Premium stability Increase in social security contributions Concealment of the actual increase
Citizens with a migration background Foreigners Emphasis on integration and social cohesion
Fee adjustment Fee increase Less negative presentation of the increase
Cost containment Reduction in benefits Positive presentation of necessary measures
Alternative facts Lies Less negative presentation of false statements
People seeking protection Asylum seekers Positive representation, as words with asylum have negative connotations
Optimization of personnel resources Dismissals Concealing the fact that employees are being made redundant
Restructuring Mass redundancies Concealing the fact that employees are being made redundant on a large scale


In the English Wikipedia, you can find Examples of newspeak from Orwell's 1984.

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