When War Becomes Peace, and Citizens Become Fallen Angels from Hell

In a recent campaign speech by the German Chancellor in Munich, I was shocked to hear the words he uttered to the people he represents as Chancellor.

"Fallen angels from hell", are supposed to be those who, according to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, stand up for peace. I don't even know where to start, it seems like propaganda, the incitement of people against those who want to defend peace. Am I now a fallen angel from hell because I am for peace talks? To stop a war in which thousands of men, women and children died?

Particularly in Germany, the mood-mongering for war is to be rejected, especially if one knows the German past, one should be taught better, that in war, there are no winners, but only losers. The profiteers are the arms companies.

Peace as war?

Now if war is peace, and peace is war, doesn't that sound familiar? In Orwell's novel "1984", those phrases are called: "War is peace! Freedom is slavery! Ignorance is strength!, .... "

Also in the media on the subject of climate change, words should be rewritten The words are to be given a new meaning, of course by the state. So it shall is no longer called climate change, but climate crisis.

And if so piece by piece the information together, so one comes nevertheless sooner or later on the thought, that parallels to Orwell's "1984", not so far away are to be found.

Chancellor's gaffe: pacifists are "fallen angels come from hell"


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Posted by Petr Kirpeit

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